Philosophy and values

Our aim

Is to make daily life safer and more comfortable thanks to technological innovation and creativity. With this in mind, HU&CO teams share common values as we commit to putting science to the service of humanity.

Team spirit

We are convinced that together we are capable of much more than each individual put together. This is why each day we cultivate our employees’ motivation, professional and personal well-being.

Innovation & Creativity

We feed our curiosity and originality non-stop to imagine the solutions of the future.

Excellent customer relations

Because customers are at the heart of our development, we take time to listen to their needs and expectations and best meet them respecting deadlines.

Sustainable development

We preserve our environment, particularly through the relocation of our production unit to France. We also develop environmental awareness within our team through daily recycling operations.


We act with honesty, fairness and integrity in everything we do.

HU&CO vision

Human & Concerned

We care about security, comfort and privacy also. In a world of uncertainties, we want to give people and companies the power to keep everything under control and to make life as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Picture for illustrate Philosophy and values

Human & Connected

We design the most advanced solutions, using the power of data to anticipate and address all kinds of needs.
Our valuable, innovative and efficient devices synchronize, weaving a powerful ecosystem helping to handle daily life aspects, from smart homes and security to health, personal assistance and tailor-made engineering.

Human & Convenient

We provide intuitive and non-invasive products to ensure all of our users a seamless experience. Everything can be easily monitored and controlled whenever and from anywhere.

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