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Discover how serene you can feel with a highly secure environment thanks to our EN50131-2 certified products.


Save money and schedule automation scenes to enhance your daily comfort and prevent domestic risks.


Help seniors stay in their homes, improve communication with your loved ones and enhance their day-to-day security thanks to our telecare products.

Tailor-Made IoT Solutions

We create tailor-made solutions to meet your specific challenges: from research to manufacturing, we design complete solutions in our fields of expertise to accommodate your needs.
We support you with the AGILE method in project mode to process your inquiries and meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

A tailor-made project we did in the sport’s field:

SignalBip is a kit of rechargeable beeper flags designed to ease communication between referees. By pressing on the flag’s button, the lineman warns the main referee of any error or incident occurring during the match, through the receiver on his/her arm.
The wireless communication between the flags and the receiver is achieved through a secure radio channel on the 868 MHz frequency and can range up to 2km.

Customized IoT pack

Our ‘Customized IoT pack’ turnkey solution means you can offer your own connected home automation and security products under your brand name. Each stage in the value chain is personalized.
Create your tailor-made pack with a gateway,  and develop your reputation by placing your logo and/or name on the products and interfaces.
Our IoT solution includes two interfaces, the first is designed for the end user and the other is for the installer. The latter can facilitate installing the system as well as troubleshooting either on the spot or remotely with a smartphone or tablet.

Professional range

The strength of a national network, with local installers in the vicinity.

Our CTN Network Distributorship is based on franchise model, without the associated disadvantages. Partners wishing to become a reseiler in their area pay a subscription giving them access to direct advantages, providing them with tools to develop sales. They may also use the network’s image for communication purposes.

Pre-packed or tailor-made offers

Access to peripheral services

Free margins

Dedicated CTN installer services

24 hour order processing

Distributor discounts on all equipment