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How to join HU&CO PRO NETWORK?

The current partner typical profile is either a small office/home office company or independent artisans present all around the country. They are alarm systems, access control, mechanical protection, home automation and people care specialists.

Each professional is a recognized player in its area or state. Our partners are trained in installing and using our systems in order to ensure the security and the comfort of his clients. This guarantees that each one of them is a privileged interlocutor to monitor and make evolve the installed systems.

The HU&CO PRO NETWORK is a wager of quality and confidence. We favor long term relationships with our retailers and technicians.

The strength of a national network, with local installers in the vicinity.

No competition on the internet

HU&CO solutions are available only via our HU&CO PRO NETWORK retailers.
Allowing you to grow your business without being in competition with online resellers.

Monthly discounts

Each month, get exceptional discounts to grow your sales.

Customized communication tools

Get flyers and brochures personalized with your business logo.

Dedicated technical support

Need help for an installation ?
Our technical support team is here to help HU&CO PRO NETWORK retailers by phone or email, to answer every question.

Package offers

When part of HU&CO PRO NETWORK, you enjoy several product kits for every house or shop.
Need a SIM card? Buy it directly online to an attractive price.

Free remote configuration

To optimize the system installation time,
our technical team can perform a remote setup for every gateway.

Order processing under 24 hours

Time is important when it comes to the protection of goods and people. Our logistic team commits to processing your orders under 24 hours.

Flexible payment facilities

Purchase and make your payment by 30 days using your preferred method: credit card, check, transfer or bill of exchange.

2-year warranty

Order with security and peace of mind as we offer a 2-year manufacturer warranty on every HU&CO products.